Mar 2015

Dumpster Rental Tips For Your Roofing Project

Renovation projects, small or big are complicated endeavours that require extensive planning in order to execute and get it done in time. From planning labour, to materials – even knowing the weather can make a big difference between a job taking 2 days or a job taking over a week. One of the most important part of any medium to large sized home improvement project is proper waste removal. Conventional means – small trash cans will simply not cut it if you are ripping out an old rotting deck and need to get the waste out ASAP.

Professional timely and affordable dumpster rental is a crucial investment to make sure your waste removal needs are completely met. The faster you can safely remove all the excess material, the faster you can get your new deck, kitchen, basement or roof installed. Knowing what capacity container as well as the type and quantity of waste you’ll be removing is the first step in finding the right equipment rental options. Not all dumpsters can be filled to capacity or are suitable for all types of industrial waste. When making a call to a prospective rental company, have your facts ready and you’ll get the most accurate quote. Also be sure to know the precise time, date and location for drop off and pickup as this can also effect which containers are available and your price. Having adequate space is also something not to forget about – most 10-30 yard dumpsters are about five feet tall, so they may not fit under areas with an overhang or low clearance. Sloped driveways or other entranceways can also be problematic for roll off dumpsters so make sure you have a specific area in mind that meets regulations prior to asking for a price quote for your rental. Often times there aren’t sympathetic responses to miscommunications like this and the bin rental company may charge you a fee for any delay.


Jan 2015

What type of roof should I choose?


The roofing material you choose is important for aesthetic as well as practical reasons.

After all, your roof may be the most prominent part of your house. So, of course you want it to look good. A roof also needs to provide protection from weather, water damage, as well as fire and insect damage. Consequently materials must be chosen with this in mind. Always choose the right contractor for the job.

Just what is a shingle anyway?
Roofing shingles are relatively small units attached to a roof in overlapping layers. The small size and the overlapping feature distinguish them from other types of roofing. such as sheet metal, roll paper, or rubber layer roofing. Shingles are made from asphalt, stone, plastic, tile, fibrous cement, and wood. Solar shingles are a relatively new addition to the market.

Descriptions of various types of shingles.

Asphalt shingles are, the most commonly used type of shingle and,
one of the most prevalent types of roofing overall. Today asphalt shingles are made
with fiber glass particles dispersed throughout the asphalt. In the past organic
materials ( cellulose materials) were used but have been replaced with the fiberglass
versions. This was done primarily for fire safety purposes. Asphalt shingles are
made in a variety of styles. If the initial installation is of high quality an asphalt shingle
roof can be expected to last as long as thirty years.

Fibrous Cement Fibrous cement shingles, consist of a fibrous material mixed with
a cement. Asbestos is commonly used. Asbestos has fire resistant properties
which make its use attractive. On the other hand the health hazards associated
with asbestos are well known. Cement shingles can be made to resemble
other types of shingles. They are durable but their weight requires a structurally strong
building to support them.

Plastic Plastic shingles are lightweight and durable and are usually made to imitate
slate shingle roofing.

Stone Stone shingles are often made from slate. Flagstone is another common source
If properly installed they are quite durable. In some areas finding a competent mason
to install a stone shingle roof, or do repairs to one, can be a challenge. A stone roof
is pleasing to most eyes but they are not for homeowners on a low budget.

Tile The baked clay, half pipe style of tile shingle, common in the southwest is attractive
durable and provides good protection from various hazards.

Wood Wooden shingles are often made from cedar or pine. In pioneer days
necessity made them a first choice material for roofing. Any man skilled with an ax
could make his own. Today their popularity may lie primarily in
their aesthetic appeal.

Solar Shingles. These are popular with people who want the benefits of solar energy
but don’t like the look of solar panels.

There are several factors to consider in selecting which type of shingles to use. These include aesthetics. price, durability, protection provided, and whether the building covered will support the materials used. Do your own research so you can intelligently discuss each of these with your roofing contractor.…


Apr 2014

Los Angeles Roofing Contractors Are Fast

Hiring Roofers In Los Angeles

When selecting roofers, check their insurance coverage. First, a roofer with liability insurance is an excellent indication he is trustworthy. Additionally, their insurance will insure anything that might happen while focusing on your top.

Prepare your dwelling for roofing companies until they get there by observing your sprinkler systems and letting the companies understand where they can park. Eliminate lawn furniture and contemplate getting your automobiles from the drive. Get prepared for dropping debris during the work on your roof so that you can remain safe, as well.

When your top nears the period of needing a replacement, you will need to contemplate all your choices. Are there any fixing which can be done to delay the substitute. In case there are affordable fixes which can be done to extend this, it could be worth every penny. In this way you do not need to spend a large amount of cash rather yet.

Don’t request your roofer to work with your gutters. This is not their area of expertise plus they are likely to damage. Hence, just focus on having them do your roof, and if your gutters must be changed consequently, discover anyone to do that employment that specializes within it.

There are several usual types of roofing material, including concrete, wood, tile and metal. Each of these has advantages and pitfalls, therefore you should believe in what factors matter the many. For illustration, timber survives for quite a long time, but tile has several colors accessible. It’s not hard to customize the look depending on your financial plan.

Don’t discount any of the signs you have a leak. It might be nerve-racking to acknowledge that you may have an expensive trouble in your palms, but avoiding it may almost certainly cause a bigger issue in the end. To avoid this you should tackle any sign of a leak promptly.…


Jan 2014

Metal Roofing – Benefits & Drawbacks Explained

Upgrading the roof of your home can be a particularly expensive and stressful task especially if it’s your first time and you think you might mess something up. What many Ottawa homeowners fail to realize is that one size fit all solutions are not common in the roofing industry and whatever local Ottawa contractors you talk to should be educating you on the many different options you have regardless of your budget or intentions (replace for your family, or perhaps put it on the market and get the money back in resale value). We highly recommend customers do regular roof inspections to avoid costly repairs in the future.

What Are Different Options I Have For Installing A New Roof?

While the classic shingles is always going to come to mind first, flat roofing and metal roofing are also other types that one should consider before making a final decision. They each have their own benefits and drawbacks, but making an educated decision is the best idea with something this important to your family.

What Are The Benefits of Metal Roofing?

Metal roofs are well known because they last at least five years longer than shingled roofs. One of the major threats to any roof is how well they stand up to the elements. Ottawa roofers are all too familiar with the harsh winters and can routinely see the effects on clients roofs each season. Metal roofing, if installed correctly, will be coated so it prevents moisture from seeping through and causing longterm damage. Summers are safe too, as this sealant also redirects harmful UV rays so you’re roof is kept nice and cool.

Some Drawbacks of Metal Roofing

The main drawback of installing a metal roof is the fact that many people dislike it purely for it’s aesthetic appeal. While this has been the traditional stance, we do expect this to change with the times as sustainable roofing practices become more acceptable and as a cost saving measure more people are looking into them.


Should I Get Roof Repair Or Full Replacement?


Jan 2014

Should I Get Roof Repair Or Full Replacement?

There will eventually come a time at one point or another that you’ll have to either repair your existing roof, or full on replace it. This can be a daunting task especially since this is one of the most important and also expensive investments Ottawa home-owners can make in their home.

roof repair

One of the main things to consider signing any contracts with Ottawa roofing contractors is the condition of the roof as it sits currently. This will determine if you need a spot check and roof repair or full on roof replacement. Generally roofs that are installed properly last 10-15 years without any major issues. It’s at this point that regardless or not you have detected any issues or leaks that you should hire a roofing company for a basic consultation. The best time for this is probably before and after the winter season. The weight of the snow, especially in Ottawa can have severe effects on the durability of your roof over time. This, when combined with the consistent exposure to moisture from melted snow can be even more dangerous.

If you intend to put your house on the market, taking stock of the health of your roof is definitely something you should be looking into. A solid roof for a new home-owner is a good sign that the house is in good shape and that they won’t have to invest for at least ten years.

Choosing An Ottawa Roofing Contractor

As with most things, prevention is easier than complete replacement, and the same is going to be true for the quality and durability of your homes roof. While a new roof is an excellent choice, and will eventually have to be done it’s very important you choose a qualified Ottawa roofer for your needs. Ideally you’d like to see reviews from past clients and it shouldn’t be hard to find friends or family that can offer recommendations on contractors they trust and have used themselves in the past. Hiring an unqualified roofer can cause long-term damage and really big issues, especially if you decide your putting your home on the market.…


Nov 2013

Selecting The Right Roofing Company: Some Quick Tips

Many would agree that a house cannot actually be completely shielded while it does not have a durable roof installed. Therefore regardless if you’re building a whole new roof or must recover your outdated one, you must be able to find and locate a reliable Ottawa roofing company because this trade is undoubtedly a massive expense for most people. In the unfortunate case that roofing contractors you may have hired finish-up doing a lousy job it’ll cost you a great deal in regards to money and also diminish the re-sale value of the your property which can be quite a problem. At the same time, it is highly recommended you don’t go with the cheapest prices you come across when searching for a roofer in Ottawa. Accurately assess their skills and hunt for just about any unhappy customers-they may have experienced formerly, whenever you’re using roofing companies. Don’t jump right in, that can be a problem – especially if they’re uninsured.

Finding The Right Ottawa Roofing Company For Your Needs

The easiest way to begin your search for a suitable roofing contractor in the Ottawa area is to ask around your social circle and family first. A positive referral may mean something, but one from your family or friends can be really valuable. It’s highly likely you have friends in the Ottawa area that have had a roof issue in the past and will have at least some feedback for you. They may recommend you to some great one or alert you from the inferior quality ones. You can also see your friends’ home and have a look in the work completed on the roofer in order to assess how excellent their work is and how it has stood the test of time. Additionally, you will be effective at obtaining an excellent approximation of the expenses related to roofing from your friends along with details concerning the whole procedure for selecting contractors and getting the roofing completed. One crucial issue is the fact that the way in which that your pals’ contractors handled any sort of problems placed into the front of these. Did these people respond quickly or did these individuals absolutely ignored? The remedy to this issue can let you assess the reactivity of numerous companies.
Another offer for finding recommendations to great roofing contractors is always to request these to deliver you to reliable companies and find house restorers used in your neighbourhood area. You could also search for a handful of home contractors in whose business entails improving this, buying a house and promoting this at greater cost. These kinds of home real estate professionals use Ottawa roofing companies and consequently understand which ones would be the absolute most reliable companies. You can obtain a legitimate property agent if you’re unable to get them by yourself to recommend you to some house flippers.
For individuals that own several roofing companies inside your listing that you are ready to make contact with, you need to first cautiously evaluate each of these. Remove those which you think and place of economical and have a look at their very own skills may well become a rip-off. Touch base with just those Ottawa roofers who possess an actual telephone number and place or a tax amount applied for recognition. You need to furthermore obtain contractors for their company license and it’s also possible to get a listing of the clients, when they’re ready to produce it.

The Dangers of Unqualified & Uninsured Roofers

Numerous houses have roofing systems along with distinct kinds of roofs. Therefore you need to employ people and companies that have training and expertise in establishing or even fixing the sort of roofing that you desire for the dwelling. With this function it is possible to contact few companies to give a record to you of the kinds of roofs they able to install or repair. Yet another chief variable to think about when selecting contractors is they are usually protected. Uninsured Ottawa roofers are quite dangerous even when they claim with you insurance protection is unneeded. Without having to be covered you’ll be investing in roofing that can become quite problematic. Get an insurance qualification after which affirm the company’s insurance by calling-up their insurance company.